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Many people, perhaps even you go into the New Year with the idea and goals of changing many things in your life. Historically, we talk about New Year Resolutions. Sadly, as time moves forward, the enthusiasm that we have for these new events, approaches, commitment wean.

We want to share a simple, sustainable commitment you can make that will change your health this year and every year to come!

Among adults ages 75 and up, about 1 in 4 has lost all natural teeth, largely because of gum disease and tooth decay. How can you keep your mouth healthy throughout your lifetime?

  • Drink fluoridated water and use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride protects against dental decay at ALL ages. A fluoride treatment in your dental office bi-annually can support the amount of fluoride you are exposed to.
  • Floss and brush teeth daily. Brushing is important but without flossing, you are not removing plaque, tartar and stain from 2/5ths of your tooth structure.
    • Set a timer for two (2) minutes
    • Bruch each quadrant of your mouth for a minimum of 30 seconds
    • Be sure to brush the gums and supporting tissue to keep good blood flow to your teeth
  • Use a tongue scraper to remove the bacteria from your tongue. Using a tongue scraper will remove 79% more bacteria than brushing alone. Ask us for details on how to use it at your next visit.
  • Use a mouthwash after brushing just before you go to bed. Spit, don’t rinse to capture the benefits while you sleep.
  • Look at the healthy content of the food you eat.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol. They raise the risk for oral and throat cancers. Vaping is NOT an alternative for this risk.
  • If medicines lead to a dry mouth, ask your doctor if there is another drug that can be used instead. If it continues:
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Chew sugarless gum
    • Avoid tobacco and alcohol
  • Visit your dentist regularly, even if you have no natural teeth and have dentures. The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends twice a year. Prevention will allow your oral health care specialist to make a diagnosis when the matter is small and the cost is less.

You may want to consider printing this out and taping it to your mirror until it becomes habit. “They say” it takes 31 days to form a habit. We invite you to share it with a family member or friend.

Wishing you MANY happy successes in the New Year; improved health and wellness!

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