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One of the things that we LOVE to do here is to educate our patients. We laugh with young parents about all the things they need to learn and that children should come with a manual. Dr. Reen is a mother to her 18-month-old son so is herself familiar with this learning curve. Let’s make it easy for all of our young parents with some fun information.

  • When a child’s first tooth appears, start brushing his/her teeth using a very small amount of fluoride toothpaste (the size of a grain of rice).
  • When the child is about three, increase the amount of toothpaste to the size of a pea.
  • Fluoridated varnishes, gels, and foams may be put on the teeth by a dentist or dental healthcare professional

Because fluoride will re-mineralize the enamel to be strong and healthy tooth enamel naturally loses minerals that have to be replenished to maintain its strength. Fluoride also interferes with acid production to slow the erosion of tooth enamel from acid in the mouth.

Fluoride treatments for children are preventive dental procedures. Bringing your child to the dentist when they are young establishes great habits. Some parents wait until the child is older and has a situation that needs to be addressed. We want to establish the dental visit as something they look forward to.

We want to make a great relationship with your child. Please accept our gift of a free fluoride treatment to all of our young friends during the month of February. We look forward to meeting you!

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