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Choosing the prismatic heart that represents CAPS and CROWNS DENTAL was very intentional. So many factors were involved in this:

  • We love providing excellent care to our patients
  • We love offering compassionate care because we know there is so much for our patients to
    consider when making a decision regarding their health
  • We understand and share the link between oral health and systemic health. Heart health is
    involved in systemic health
  • The prisms of the heart logo indicate that we understand that not all patients have the same need: we treat EVERY patient according to their personal, individual needs
  • Our “HEART” cares for our very young children who are just learning about oral health, our families, our retired and our senior citizens. We welcome every size heart at any stage of their lives
  • We love our Naperville community and strive to be a generous, business owner who contributes to our town through educating and supporting the members and businesses

We took a considerable amount of time to choose the logo that would distinguish us in the Naperville community and invite you to come in to see how your oral health care can be a different experience than you have ever had. We invite you to come in to see what your neighbors are saying and experiencing. We CARE. We care about YOU. We care about our TEAM. We care about growing relationships. We care enough to continue our education to provide you with the best technology and service. We care about providing exemplary customer service and exceptional experience. We CARE.


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Dentist in Naperville, IL


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