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Your dentist is your “oral health care physician”. Conditions that are not evaluated nor discussed with most medical doctors are a primary focus for the general dentist. The initial examination and conversation regarding the patient’s oral health would begin with their dentist. Risks and change in the epithelial cells in the patient’s mouth would be an important conversation you should have with your dentist.

New studies show that vaping is NO safer than smoking. Both vapers and smokers had twice the DNA damage to cells that lined the mouths as nonsmokers did. The longer a vaper vapes, the more genetic damage the researchers are discovering.

Research from Keck School of Medicine in Los Angles shares:

Levels of DNA damage between vapers and smokers: 2.6 times and 2.2 times that of non-users

Flavored vapes appear to be the most harmful

The devices and flavors that are most popular and highly consumed by youth vapers, as well as adults, are the ones that are associated with the most DNA damage

About 10% of US teens and more than 3% of adults regularly use e-cigarettes

With this initial study concluded, the research team plans to replicate the findings in a larger group of participants.

Get facts before making a decision to begin vaping or changing from smoking to vaping assuming it is a better habit.

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