Prevention of Medical Disease Begins With a Preventative
Dental Hygiene Visit

Dentist in Naperville, IL

Many patients see blood when they brush or floss and “brush it off.” We ask them if they had an abrasion on their forearm, leg or face if they would react the same? When there is bleeding when a hygienist does your (PBI) Papillary bleeding Index, the probe is not creating the bleeding, it is recording the depth and amount of inflammation that you are experiencing. Inflammatory disease is killing Americans and it is preventable! In addition to hearing your PBI announced out loud by one of our hygienists to be recorded in your chart, we may also share with you how to be more effective with cleaning between your teeth. Brushing your teeth covers only 3/5ths of the visible tooth structure. The remaining 2/5ths must be flossed, water flossed, cleaned with an interdental brush, or have tray therapy with hydrogen peroxide gel. Let’s talk about what option might be best for you at your next visit! Lastly, using a disclosing solution will allow you to see where there is plaque remaining on your teeth aRer your standard brushing. If you are not using an electronic toothbrush, we can share the benefit of switching when we see you next. The ‘ming mechanism will allow you to brush each quadrant of your mouth by indicating with a pulsing rhythmic change when it is ‘me to move to the next quadrant so that you spend equal ‘me in each area of your mouth ensuring all areas have been properly brushed. If you have any dexterity problems, the electronic brush is a perfect solution for you. Together, our mission is to find ways to PREVENT where it is possible. Prevention allows you to be in control of your overall health rather than find a cure for a disease that may not be necessary to cure with proper prevention. Call us; we CARE!