Lessons from Corona

I think that we would all agree that in addition to the pivotal life that we have been living, changes that are occurring, alterations in our planning and forecasting the future have been overwhelming.

Have we stopped to think what we have learned from this exercise called Covid 19?

So many lessons:

  • Meetings can be virtual
  • Learning can be done outside of the classroom
  • Door dash may not be home cooked but it is the next best thing to good food
  • Information can be 100% true or any other percentage depending on the source

How has this impacted your health care?

  • I have become more discerning about who I want to care for me and my family
  • Health is one of my most important attributes
  • I want to surround myself with people who share my concerns

Finding health care practitioners that LISTEN, react, offer alternatives and share the rational with supporting data is critical for optimizing health. Medical and dental health care practitioners have to focus on their “business”, the bottom line and profitability. Yes, making sure that you stay in business is important but our philosophy of care is that we will do the best thing for the patient because that is the way that each of us on the team choose to be treated.

Getting your treatment completed at Caps and Crowns guarantees:

  • You will be treated like family.
  • Your reservation does not get shared with other people at the same time.
  • You will see the same health care provider every time you have an appointment.
  • Each team member that has the opportunity to interact with you will CARE about you!

We want to learn about you, LISTEN to your concerns, offer opportunities for optimal care and
focus on you!

Our promise to you is that you will NEVER feel like a number. YOU will be treated like the unique person that YOU are!