Finding the Correct Dental Provider | Naperville IL Dentist

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How is trust established and continued to be earned? Trust certainly is something that has to be gained time and time again. Think of it as a baseball player who hits consistent home runs. The fans feel assured that they continue to have the potential to put the ball over the fence routinely…….until he doesn’t. “You are only as good as your last at-bat.”

Your health care providers must continue to earn your trust as well. We all have standards that we insist on when we trust our oral health care to them:

  • Is the provider current with technology and the facility current?
  • Is their office clean and up to date?
  • Is the team that cares for you truly concerned about you and compassionate about your needs?
  • Are your benefits handled professionally, maximized and explained?

Has the team worked cohesively to present a treatment plan that is comprehensive and affordable?

Would you feel comfortable and confident

When ALL of these focal points are checked with a resounding YES, you have found the correct provider and team to care for you and those you love.

Be sure that you have meaningful conversations when you see your oral health care provider. If you have questions regarding:

  • Oral and systemic health links
  • Whitening
  • Missing teeth and replacing them with implants or other fixed or removable options
  • Nutrition, tobacco cessation, specific oral hygiene concerns

Did you know that Dr. Reen is a member of the International Dental Implant Association? Her expertise and training allows her to restore many patients to full dentition. Talk to her or a team member when you are in the office next. Dentistry is not merely “drilling and filling” your teeth. At Caps and Crowns Dental, it is about maintaining or acquiring your optimal oral health.

See you at your next visit!